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Ashalayam is a non-profit organization that operates a residential care center for children in need. The organization's mission is to provide a safe and supportive living environment where children can grow and thrive. Ashalayam currently serves 312 children who reside in 18 hostels and an additional 766 children who attend street and slum schools. The organization's motto, "Home of Hope" reflects its commitment to creating a stable and loving home for children who may not have one otherwise.

Asha Sishu Siksha Project (ASSP)

The project initiated in 1996 has 11 non formal education centres in the slum areas of Howrah and Hooghly districts of West Bengal. They offer basic education and healthcare. The primary aim is to mainstream them through local resource mobilization and networking with NGO’s, schools and local administration. Each year 200 children are mainstreamed into Formal Schools.

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Railway Childline Howrah (RCL)

The Railway Childline Project is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Women & Child Development and Indian Railways to provide care and protection to homeless, runaway, working, addicted, or trafficked children. The project has implemented a standard operating procedure and has set up a child help desk in Howrah to assist vulnerable children. Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives is supporting the Howrah RCL in strengthening its services, including prevention, intervention, and long-term rehabilitation efforts.

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DISTRICT Childline Howrah (DCL)

The Childline 1098 service is a free, 24-hour emergency phone outreach program for children who need care and security. At both the national and international levels, Childline India Foundation carries out replication of CHILDLINE, networking and facilitation, training, research and documentation, and communications and strategic initiatives. This initiative, which links state governments, nongovernmental organizations, bilateral and multilateral organizations, and the private sector, is backed by the union ministry of women and child development. 

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This is a 24-hour crisis management center to complement the Howrah Railway Childline. While being in the center, they are given all the support needed to combat the trauma they have experienced: healthcare, shelter, nutrition, and counseling support. It extends its support to the local police for the care and protection of the children. It has welcomed 256 children during the last year.



Homelink Network System (HLK) is web-based software for data management of children with Don Bosco across India. It assists in restoration and accompaniment. Don Bosco YaR forum India coordinates the software with utmost care and enables its partners to follow up children. This system generates instant reports that help accompaniment of every child that comes in contact with Don Bosco Institutions for the less privileged

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The main areas where migrants earn money in West Bengal are Howrah, Kolkata, and Siliguri. This population group deals with a variety of issues, including health risks, unhygienic living and working conditions, and discrimination against human and labor rights. Additionally, the epidemic has left this community's employment and compensation uncertain. Don Bosco Ashlayam is reaching out to the migrants in a number of ways to address their issues and provide them the chance to live healthy lives.

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Assisting 5000+ in slums/streets/railway stations

155,000+ children have been assisted since the inception

150+ children rescued

on a monthly basis

700 children assisted with education/training/residential care

145 orphan children built houses with a matching contribution

250+ have been placed for jobs in different sectors in 2017-22

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