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Homelink Network System (HLK) is on the world wide web and proprietary software to capture the information of children at risk across India to assist and restore them to the safety of a Home. The YaR forum has two web related services for the young at risk: and and they are executed through 277 Homelink partners. These Network Partners are NGOs, Govt. Homes hosting children, Police, CWC, etc. spread out in 15 States & UTs of India.

Homelink is a web based service maintained by Don Bosco YaR forum to facilitate their work for the young at risk, enabling them to maintain and share up to date information on child related issues, across the country. The system generates instant reports based on child profile, missing children, staff centres, and various analyses of reports at local and national level. It is a software tool for documentation.

To help find the missing children, the network Partners use the other Created in association with UNICEF, the site has become a real boon for parents and organizations interested in locating or restoring the missing child.

The moment a center gets the details of the missing child , it is placed on the website. The site immediately generates a search in a local and national database, which has the registration of the missing children complaints. Homelink Network Partners at various locations in the country are alerted and they swing into action for locating or restoring the child. Families and agencies get in touch with Homelink centers either in person or online and sometimes missing children are located within hours.

Homelink Network System (HLK) is web-based software for data management of children with Don Bosco across India. It assists in restoration and accompaniment. Don Bosco YaR forum India coordinates the software with utmost care and enables its partners to follow up children. This system generates instant reports that helps accompaniment of every child that comes in contact with Don Bosco Institutions for the less privileged. The work is carried out with 277 partners across India.



For Don Bosco Ashalayam it is the Kolkata Hub that links children with various services available for the betterment. Homelink Network focuses on data driven management:


  • Data driven decision making

  • Data driven planning

  • Data driven reporting


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HOMELINK 2021-22

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