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Ashalayam is a non-profit organization that operates a residential care center for children in need. The organization's mission is to provide a safe and supportive living environment where children can grow and thrive. Ashalayam currently serves 312 children who reside in 18 hostels and an additional 766 children who attend street and slum schools. The organization's motto, "Home of Hope" reflects its commitment to creating a stable and loving home for children who may not have one otherwise.



A nurturing environment is essential for a child's healthy development. With trained staff, all the amenities, and services required for a child's healthy all-around development, our hostels are child-friendly. The residential care programme at Ashalayam prioritizes the satisfaction of the child's emotional and psychological needs. Don Bosco's philosophy includes love and care for children, and it is reflected in all of the work we do for and with our children.


Ashalayam currently has residential facilities in 4 units in Howrah, Liluah, Kolkata, and Kalyani. The homes have bedrooms, study areas, living areas, kitchens, a suitable number of bathrooms, and a play space. On campus, there are large parks and playgrounds for the Liluah and Kalyani units. To provide the children's minds a feeling of direction, the daily activity schedule is developed with their active and lively involvement.


The children go to regular schools, and the senior boys and girls also learn skills in vocational training centers. Children receive tuition assistance to help them in their academic endeavors. Their hostel schedule includes computer classes, sports, karate, music, and photography, among other activities.

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Counseling and therapy sessions have been assumed greater significance due to the disruption of normal routine of school and college students. It's not just education that's been paused; the teenager's entire social life has been upended. Meeting and socializing with friends, sports, and other activities are no longer possible thus creating a sense of restlessness and anxiety in youngsters. Counseling and therapy sessions help our children to unwind by evaluating the present situation and exploring possible alternatives. Counseling, therapy and life skills education is an ongoing program in DBA and covers all resident children. Counseling services are also provided in our outreach areas with tele-counseling for rescued children restored back to their families or referred to government homes


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Generally, children stay in a privileged situation till they are 18 years of age. Once they are 18 years they manage their life on their own or with their families. Some of them require after care support and Ashalayam has provisions for after care as many of them need longer time to be self-reliant. After care is always with an adult contract signed with well laid down stipulations. They continue their studies, training or internship. If they are in an earning stage they also contribute their share for common expenses. Such hostels are in Bakrahat, Deulti, Kalyani, Pilkhana, Howrah and Bhattanagar.


Assisting 5000+ in slums/streets/railway stations

155,000+ children have been assisted since the inception

150+ children rescued

on a monthly basis

700 children assisted with education/training/residential care

145 orphan children built houses with a matching contribution

250+ have been placed for jobs in different sectors in 2017-22

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