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Street & Slum Children Assistance Project

SSCAP aims to address the various challenges faced by street and slum children, especially being deprived of the right to education.

Innovative features of SSCAP

  • Outreach and Identification: The project team collaborates with community members, local clubs and administration to reach out to children who are either unable to or not accessing formal support systems. The children play an active role in identifying and motivating drop-outs in the community.

  • Non-Traditional Learning Spaces: It works without formal classroom settings. with the help of the community learning spaces are created. These learning centres are located in clubs, temporary shelters and open-air classrooms that accommodates the needs and schedules of children.

  • Talent Search: In addition to academic intelligence, the project promotes intelligence in other spheres, be it fine arts, performing arts and other creative pursuits. Children are given opportunities to espress themselves and their talents are nurtured and developed by trained and experienced artists.  


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